MAMP and Location of the mySQL dump path

I’ve been using MAMP which has allowed me to develop my WordPress sites locally. I’ve recently installed the wp-dbmanager in order to do backups before doing major changes to a test site and had trouble finding the mySQL dump path. Thanks to the help from Adrian Tomic, I was able to set the dump path … Read more

Transferring hosts & want to keep your WordPress site?

Although this doesn’t REMOTELY fall under the “101” heading, it can be useful for individuals who are looking to change hosting services or for hosting individuals who have access to the cPanel and PHPMyAdmin section of both the old and the new host server & wish to make a transfer. So if you have a WordPress driven site and are looking to transfer to a new host, you can either use this yourself or you can pass this on to someone else who can use this information 😉

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Looking to link your website to the social media sites you use?

Install & activate the “Social Media Widget” to connect your WordPress site to the social media sites you keep up with. This is a very flexible and comprehensive widget! See the links to the left for examples. (Note: none are active links.)

Once you activate the plug-in, you have the ability to change the size and style of the buttons. Simply go to the “Appearance”, “Widgets” menu to the left of your dashboard & drag it from the list of available widgets to the right to activate it.

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