Welcome! Discover the value and benefit of using WordPress to create your website. No html experience necessary! This site is created as a tool to supplement my WordPress 101 class. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jean.

This WordPress 101 sitelet will serve as a place for me to share plugins, themes and other WordPress related things I appreciate & wish to share with students and colleagues. It will also enable me to archive these in one place!

I have migrated my sites here to a host who supports "1-click" installs of WordPress. They employ "Simple Scripts" which takes a lot of the headachy stuff away for new users of WordPress. No worries about setting folder permissions or having to learn about .htaccess files ~ everything has been thought through very thoroughly ...and that makes smooth sailing for you ...and me!

Side Note: You will notice this site is a part of a site called ImaginaryTree.com. It is a networking site I began to share the work of reliable, talented, creative individuals and will serve as the parent site for my future endeavors. Feel free to take a look at that site as well! If you're a reliable, talented, creative individual & wish to be featured on that site, please contact me for consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.