Embedding FLV Videos in Your WordPress Site Using the FLV Embed Plugin

NOTE: This plugin has not been updated since 2009. Not recommended to use anymore.

If you are looking to embed FLV videos into your WordPress site – and include a player (so users can start and stop the video) then look no further than the FLV Embed plugin.

First, install and activate the plugin. Once it is activated, you call the video by using the following code:

[ flv:url width height ]

Take out the spaces after and before the brackets to activate the code. Ssubstitute the word “url” with the actual url and the words “width” and “height” with the numerical width and height you desire, like this:

[ flv:http://www.dooropenermagazine.com/TDO/video/fall2010.flv 550 334 ]

Working example:

[flv:http://www.dooropenermagazine.com/TDO/video/fall2010.flv 550 334]

The above example takes advantage of a “poster frame”. To create a frame that people will see before playing the movie, simply save a jpeg within the same folder as the .flv and give it the same name as the flv file. In this example, the flv name is: fall2010.flv and the poster frame is: fall2010.jpg

To view all available options for this plugin, go to your “Settings” menu, then choose “FLV Embed”.

For more information, here is a link to the plugin’s site.

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